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Tips for Effective Employee Onboarding

Create a Structured Onboarding Program

  • Schedule activities that will establish expectations and responsibilities.

  • Ensure that all parties are committed to this schedule.

  • Dedicate time to familiarize the new hire with their new work environment.

  • Encourage them to ask questions!

Assign a Buddy

  • Partner the new hire with a tenured employee who can provide a realistic job preview and act as a long-term resource.

  • Anxiety can be greatly reduced by having a point-person available.

  • The tenured employee can provide insight into the new hire's performance and state of mind.

Provide Quality Training & Resources

  • Offer a training in a variety of methods as everyone learns differently (auditory, visual, text, on-the-job, etc.)

  • Always be sure to check for understanding and be sympathetic to potential learning disabilities.

  • Provide additional training until concepts are understood.

Conduct Regular Check-ins

  • Check-ins can help new hires feel valued and supported by the organization.

  • Maintain an open-door culture so that the all employees feel more inclined to communicate their feelings rather than allow them to fester, creating a more positive work environment.

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