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Empowering businesses to unlock their team's true potential

My Goal

One of the most significant expenditures that an organization can make is on its people. Labor costs, coupled with potential impact, make investing in a strong team culture a “no-brainer”. My job is to help you navigate the complicated employer-employee relationship so that you can remain focused on what you do best: generating revenue and executing operations.


Regardless of if you have one employee or a team of hundreds, I can help you achieve your goals by unlocking your team’s potential. My extensive cross-functional experience and approachable demeanor make it easy for me to engage with team members. I will quickly identify points of friction and implement a solution that feels fair and consistent.


My passion for people has driven my development-focused approach. I value progress over perfection and strive to inject an empathetic team culture. I will always focus my guidance on sustained progress and minimizing risk. Together, we will build your team roadmap and then I will help guide you along the charted course towards your goals.

About Me


Hi, I’m Tim.

Since entering the workforce, I have been obsessed with creating consistency. I soon discovered that I could leverage my attention to detail and strong communication skills to motivate others to create much more productive businesses. I have been fortunate enough to have been a part of several start-ups in the past, which allowed me to support those chains from the idea stage to multiple-location operations.

The name “Spectrum Human Resources” comes from the fact that I approach things through a spectrum of lenses. I’m not your typical “HR Guy” - I enjoy wearing multiple hats and feeling the energy of an open-minded workspace.


My passion has always been people: employees and customers. We have little control over customer behaviors, but employees are malleable.

I truly enjoy engaging with employees, as this provides businesses the opportunity to hear directly from those most affected by strategic initiatives. This approach also allows me the opportunity to build relationships with team members so that they feel comfortable coming to me with concerns. This mindset helps to eliminate barriers and shifts the focus to contributing to a more efficient (and profitable) business.


I am a firm supporter of developing and refining systems - policies, procedures, and job aids. These types of tools set a reference point for different learners and ensure accountability across the board.


I devote most of my energy in my personal life to my two young children, who keep me on my toes. Protecting and educating two little humans has only further validated my decision to support businesses with their teams.

I am located in Orange County, California, and am available for in-person and virtual meetings. I look forward to being of service to your organization!


What I can provide your organization...


  • Succession planning: Building out a roadmap to ensure that you are never caught off-guard by an unexpected absence.

  • Compensation analysis to identify if there are productivity gaps and ensure that you are getting a return on your investment.

  • Employee Engagement surveying & guidance: Identifying what motivates your team to provide meaningful results.

  • Review all people tools (HR Information Systems, payroll, learning management, etc) and help you negotiate with vendors to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Employee Life Cycle

  • Recruiting: Finding, verifying, and job offering potential talent.

  • Onboarding: facilitating new hire orientations, paperwork, training plan, and check-ins.

  • Ongoing Training & Development (includes licensing & trainer certifications)

  • Employee Relations point of contact to address concerns and improve team morale.

  • Performance Management - rewarding positive behaviors and holding team members accountable.

  • Terminations & Exit Interviews

Content Development

  • Creating employee handbooks, policies, forms, and job aids for multiple types of leaners.

  • Reviewing and modifying existing materials (print or digital) for compliance, conciseness, and brand cohesion.


  • Managing all company documentation for consistency and compliance.

  • Implementation & maintenance of HRIS database

  • Payroll & Time clock data management

  • Benefits Elections & open enrollment

  • Risk management: proactively addressing concerns and partnering with legal advisors as needed.

Let's Talk!

Thanks for reaching out. I'll be in touch soon!

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